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Data Center Services

Data Center Services help you consolidate, virtualize, and automate your data center to meet business goals, increase efficiency, and lower operating expenses. Whether you want services for your entire data center or for specific data center Technologies, Shrih Technologies offers a broad array of services to meet your needs.

Shrih Technologies uses an end-to-end architectural framework and best practices to help you identify the gaps in your data center infrastructure and determine what changes are needed. Shrih Technologies analyzes your data center infrastructure to determine how consolidation and virtualization can reduce costs while delivering new capabilities with these advanced technologies. This holistic analysis encompasses your complete technology strategy, including your server and storage network infrastructure, operating systems, and storage tiering, to calculate potential savings in capital and operating expenses. High-level cost efficiency reports help you quantify potential savings on a cumulative annual basis, and provide key decision criteria for transitioning to the new design.

Shrih Technologies maps application traffic flow and shows interdependencies among servers, storage, network devices, and applications

Shrih Technologies prepares for a branch consolidation initiative that delivers LAN-like performance over a WAN infrastructure and improves efficiency. The assessment provides high-level recommendations and a long-term Solution.

Shrih Technologies helps your IT organization understand how they can create a more energy efficient and cost-effective data center environment. These services analyze power usage, establish energy benchmarks across facilities and infrastructure systems, and provide recommendations for data center improvements.