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Application Development

With design and development expertise in diverse platforms, best-of-breed tools and techniques, combined with industry best practices, Shrih Technology offers scalable end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.

Our mature and proven service delivery framework instills stringent quality measures in our processes to enable us to provide predictable, low-risk, high-quality development and maintenance services.

Shrih Technologies services span the following application lifecycle stages:


Online Strategy and Consultancy:
Shrih Technologies provides consultancy to clients worldwide on the appropriate process and priorities for implementing end to end website and web based solutions, flash and interactive media design, search engine optimization and marketing, desktop software solutions. Our senior project managers have a keen insight and expertise across industry domains and can help design appropriate solutions for clients based on their needs, budget, timelines, existing software infrastructure and potential future maintenance and support requirements. 
Website Design, Flash and Web Media: 

Web Page Design and Hosting
Your first step into the online world. For every business, institution or professional, that is not already online, our team will help build your complete online presence.
Flash and Interactive Web Media
We provide flash development services with a focus on high quality 2D and 3D flash design, alongwith flash action scripting and interactive media web development. We also provide high end W3C and SEO compatible website design focussed on brilliant front end look and feel. 
Website Development, Web Software and Website Programming: 
Advanced Web Application Programming
Shrih Technologies helps clients to attain their business goals by designing, programming, developing, integrating and supporting mission critical advanced web applications and systems. We provide such advanced website application programming services through our offshore development center in (Mumbai) India, through innovative, trustworthy solutions to the most complicated of business problems. 
PHP and MySQL Web Development and Programming
Shrih Technologies focuses on PHP and MySQL web application development and programming. Our PHP outsourcing services include PHP and MySQL web development, offshore PHP developers, open source shopping carts, PHP and MySQL web and intranet applications and advanced PHP programming services. 
ASP and ASP.NET Software Development
Shrih Technologies has a rich experience in developing and deploying ASP and ASP.NET software solutions to clients worldwide. We have delivered on several web and desktop software ASP.NET and VB.NET applications, ranging from small websites to enterprise applications used by hundreds of users simultaneously from different offices globally.
AJAX Applications Programming
Shrih Technologies has the experience and the technical know how to assist you in web designing, developing and deploying open standard infrastructure solutions using AJAX or AJAX libraries. We deliver on several AJAX application areas, including real time form data validation, auto completion, load on demand, sophisticated user interface control and effects, refreshing data and server push, partial submit, mashups and page as an application.
XML Application Development
Shrih Technologies provides advanced XML application development and programming services, to help further standardize the way information is searched for, exchanged, adaptively presented, and personalized on websites using XML. 
Rich Internet Applications
Shrih Technologies builds and delivers on rich internet applications for clients resulting in cross platform application compatibility, web access (and hence no installation), higher security, better user experience, simplification and speed, client side intelligence and, of course, cost savings. 
Desktop to Web Migration
Shrih Technologies can provide greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity on legacy business solutions of clients. Migration-to-Web of the legacy applications allows organizations to extend the knowledge and usage of these applications, while deploying the execution potential of the latest web technologies.
Legacy Software and Database Migration
Shrih Technologies can provide services to migrate database driven legacy systems to new integrated website software solutions that are reliable, robust, scalable and affordable. We can also provide data migration services to ensure that data from your existing systems is migrated before launch to systems built by us. 
Database Development and Integration
Shrih Technologies builds fast, affordable and user-friendly database development solutions to drive your website and make it more dynamic and appealing.With extensive hands-on experience in web database design and integration Shrih Technologies develops dynamic database driven websites, database driven web applications and e-commerce sites for a wide range of businesses. 
Extranet Systems Development
Shrih Technologies builds customized extranet systems for clients based on their requirements. Our intranet/extranet applications will help you streamline and automate workflow, collect information on-line, report on data from multiple systems and manage content and documents for multiple departments with centralized data management. 
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing 
Search Engine Optimization and Positioning 
Shrih Technologies provide basic search engine optimization and positioning services with projects that it undertakes. We are search engine optimization experts to ensure a more prominent web presence. Our SEO techniques include SEO keywords, Search Engine Optimization oriented design and development, link exchange campaigns, appropriate keyword identification, traffic monitoring and search engine reports.
Search Engine Marketing
In addition to standard search engine optimization methods, Shrih Technologies can undertake advanced several advanced search engine marketing techniques. The processes that we undertake for advanced search engine marketing include content generation for on-page search optimization, multiple domains/ pages generation, internet PR and advanced link building campaigns. 
Upgradation, Integration, Maintenance and Support:
Upgradation and Integration 
We provide services to completely revamp your website to bring it up to the best industry standards. If you have a partial and unsatisfactory online presence, we can help rebuild and enhance your site.
Third Party Software Integration and Customization
Shrih Technologies has an extensive experience in customization and integration of different third party web solutions: CMS, forums, chats, shopping carts, billing solutions, project management and tracking solutions, etc. We can advice on best options and help clients with integration of those services, alongwith customization to suit their needs. 
Maintenance and Support
Web applications and websites require maintenance and support as your needs change and grow. Shrih Technologies provides cost-effective application support and website maintenance services freeing you from maintaining expensive in-house support staff. Shrih Technologies partners with clients to help their online business running smoothly and error-free.