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Unified Communications

Shrih Technologies Unified Communications services provide a portfolio of service offerings to deliver complete communications - messaging, voice, and video - across applications and devices any time, any where. These services offer best-in-class solutions for adoption of Unified Communications solutions, enabling communication and collaboration in an effective manner. Our Services portfolio includes IT Business Consulting for analysis of alternatives and creation of business cases; VoIP and Data assessments for determination of network transformation readiness; network design; configuration and implementation for Shrih technologies Unified Communications specific technologies; dialing plan modification; program management and on-going technical support and management -- all in the context of a multi-vendor, multi-technology environment.

Shrih Technologies Global Services offers a full lifecycle of services to Advise, Integrate, Support and Manage multi-vendor, multi-technology networks. 

Leveraging Shrih Technologies Unified Communication Services capabilities will enable true workforce mobility, simplify communications, enhance customer service and the user experience, and increase productivity across the enterprise by unifying disparate modes of communication into a seamless model at the business process and enterprise-wide applications level.

Key Features

  • Enable smoother, less-costly Unified Communications deployments, while lowering the total cost of ownership
  • Ensure optimal application of the technology
  • Increase productivity, responsiveness and Quality of Experience
  • Reduce business risk and avoid costly deployment delays