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Hosted Voice Networks

The PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the most common "brain" of a legacy phone system and supports voice mail, call forwarding etc. In its time the PBX was state of the art, but today it is often limited to scale and is inflexible to grow at your offices requirements. Like rusting water pipes, legacy voice systems are getting more and more expensive to support. Complexity increases as legacy systems age and they almost always need expensive external support. It costs more to operate because outbound calls are switched through multiple POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) lines or a single circuit from the operations center. The expensive services are usually fixed cost plus usage for local and long distance domestic phone calls. Also, in the world of increasing security consciousness, the PBX is vulnerable because it sits at a offices operations center as a single point of failure, offering no call functionality at any branches during a failure.

Shrih Tecnologies Hosted Voice service offers a hosted and managed phone system that eliminates the expensive "PBX" from your balance sheet. Our customers don't need costly dedicated phone circuits (POTS lines, PRI's or Channelized Frame Relay) because their voice traffic flows over our existing foundation network , which was developed to prioritize voice traffic to assure high quality phone calls. Your voice traffic is routed reliably and smoothly throughout your organization, whether it contains one branch or fifty!

We are a full fledged voice service provider and as such, we port your existing phone numbers to our platform whenever possible.

For Corporates only, we deliver unlimited local and long distance domestic phone calls and helpdesk support for a single, low cost monthly fee.